Tuesday, July 8, 2014

In My New Classroom

  I am changing from being an Instructional Coach the last four years to going back to the classroom this August.  I have been hired to teach 8th grade Language Arts in my school district and I am super pumped about the challenge that lies ahead.  I have missed working with students for quite some time and I can't believe I am finally getting the chance to go back and do what I truly love.  I did enjoy Instructional Coaching and will miss all the great relationships I have been a part of and all the mentoring and professional growth that I have gotten to be a part of, in teacher's everyday classroom lives.
  With that said, I am pumped about getting to work with students again!  Yea!  It sometimes feels unreal to walk into my classroom and start setting it all up. (I sometimes wonder if it is real and if the bottom is going to fall out of this whole thing.) It is truly like riding a bike and amazes me how my brain kicks back into where will this happen in the room, and how will that work, and would students really get it if I do it this way.  Walking into that room must be like what an artists feels like with a blank canvas laid out before them.  My mind races from here to there and I get distracted easily with the new books I have purchased for my corner reading area and the new technology that I will be using for the first time. There is also the part of my thoughts that asks myself what am I going to leave for my students to do so that they take and feel ownership in this classroom.  It needs to be real for them, for me, and not picture perfect but a work in progress. What's going to work in this room for all of us?
   My brain feels exhausted this evening as I write but it is a good exhausted.  It felt right for the first time in a very long time being in the classroom today.  I can't wait for those first couple of weeks when we really get to know one another and figure out how we will collaborate and support one another as we grow and learn together. The road has been too long and I am ready to move on and have some fun with an 8th grade crew.  I hope they are ready for me!

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