Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Favorite Holiday-The 4th of July

                                      My Favorite Holiday-The 4th of July   

  I went for an early morning walk  thru my neighborhood today and witnessed that some of my neighbors had put out their 4th of July décor.  I began to get excited.  I too have certain things I place out on my porch and throughout my yard.  It is my favorite holiday.  Let the fun fest begin!  This afternoon I found myself down in my cold basement, trying to locate the rubber maid tote with all my 4th of July stuff.  I found it and red, white, and blue has begun.
  Why would the 4th of July be my favorite holiday?  I think it is because of the low stress level.  No gifts to buy, no turkey to bake and no costume to make.  I don't need to feel lovey, dovey about anything or worry that I forgot to wear green and my butt will be pinched. School is out.  Everyone is outside enjoying the weather (at least in my suburban neighborhood) and let's not forget blowing stuff up.
  I am not a pyro maniac but there is something exciting about lighting the wick with your punk and then turning around and running like your rear end is on fire.  Next you stand back and watch as the display of lights rivets your attention, and everyone around you.  OOO and AHHHH are the sounds you hear. Instant gratification.  I also like the smell in the evening time of the sulfur from blowing stuff up.  I don't know why.  It's similar to the feeling I get in the fall when neighbors start to burn their fireplaces.  (Don't try to analyze the smell thing.  It will just scare you.) 
  Another reason I think I like the 4th of July so much is the food.  Nothing is better than a hot dog with just a little crispy brown burnt stuff on it.  I could write a whole other blog on the ways to fix hot dogs and what to put on them.  For the 4th, I like a straight line of mustard on my hot dog with a little bit of dill pickle relish.  Watermelon with my burnt hot dog is very good, too.  I only like the kind with seeds because seeded watermelon is sweeter than no-seed watermelon.  Plus you get to spit the seeds out (or at someone like your sibling) when you are done eating the soft and sweet fruit in your mouth.  Cold ice tea goes great with all of this along with some salty potato chips.  My oldest daughter this year has requested my homemade cold pasta salad for the 4th.  It is the bomb diggity and delicious. 
  My oldest daughter will be flying in from her internship in Maryland to share some time with us and her puppy wiener dog, Phog, this 4th of July.   Yes, she named her mini-wiener  dog after Phog referring to  KU and Lawrence, Kansas.  She is a true Rock-Chalk Jayhawk.  My daughter that just graduated high school will be joining her at KU this fall.  I get to feel the Phog daily with this wiener dog while my oldest daughter completes her internship in Maryland.   I have become the wiener dog whisperer.  (Again, another blog topic for me.)  This 4th of July, our daughter will be flying home, meeting her friends and boyfriend at our house.  I really look forward to the fun time we will have. It will be nice to have both my girls along with my handsome hubby at home for this holiday.   Between the blowing stuff up, being outside, the good food and family, I will be blessed and surrounded by people who are fun and relaxing.  The 4th is my favorite holiday.    

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  1. It was fun to read all your reasons for loving July 4th!

    What a great point!..."No gifts to buy, no turkey to bake and no costume to make."

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time with family!