Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Summer of 2014-The Summer of Phog

  I have another dog in my life. That officially takes my dog count up to 3.   Her name is Phog and she is a miniature dachshund.  She belongs to my oldest daughter who could not take care of her for the summer due to an internship.  My husband and I agreed to take her in for the summer.  She is currently five months old and full of puppy energy.
  The things I have learned from Phog so far this summer, are numerous!  Everything happens for a reason and Phog was needed by me, to laugh and heal up a little bit this summer. Heal from what?   I don't know and I'm sure there is something specific but I don't want to go there right now in this blog.  Thinking that much will hurt my brain during the summer.  Isn't avoidance fantastic?
   Phog found her tail this summer.  She literally chased the thing for a solid day.  She then transitioned to lightening bugs.  She discovered lightening bugs in the back yard and they were the most wondrous things for her to see, chase and try to catch.  Does anyone remember the excitement as a kid chasing lightening bugs, catching them, keeping them in a coke bottle and then turning them all loose in your bedroom that night?  Phog's experience chasing those lightening bugs made me remember.  It was a good memory to remember.  It was fun.
  Phog also likes to chew everything.  I had some bridge work done in my mouth this summer.  It has been a 2 1/2 year journey on trying to figure out what to do about my missing lower left molar.  I now have a bridge, or artificial tooth, that allows me to now chew on the left side of my mouth.  I understand why Phog likes to chew so much.  I know she's a puppy and her teeth and mouth are growing and changing and she needs to chew and so do I.  I get it when she chews on tennis shoes that have been left out in the middle of the living room floor.  Lesson learned about leaving your shoes out:  pick them up!!  No, I am not chewing up shoes but being able to chew food on the left side of my mouth is wonderful.  I now get the chewing thing more than ever.
  One of my favorite things learned from Phog is our cuddle time.  She loves to cuddle on the couch with me especially if I have out the blue Jay Hawk blanket. She is a natural Jay Hawker.   Napping is important,  especially when you are a growing puppy.  Cuddling and napping should take high precedence in not only a puppy's life but mine too. When you work or play hard, you should rest easy and often.
  Another lesson from Phog is to dig in the dirt.  Dig as many holes in the dirt as possible and often.  It is therapeutic and a natural remedy for boredom and the blues.  I too realize the importance of some good dirt digging and have added to my lovely yard some more beautiful flowers.  I feel much better about my life after digging in the dirt.  My purpose is to beautify my yard while Phog's purpose is to find something to pull out of the ground, shake it til its neck snaps and then give it a toss in the air.  I think this miniature wiener could be on to something?
  Last but not least, Phog's love and joy for everything is contagious.  I needed to remember this summer what that was like.  What it felt like.  I needed to see it and practice it from throwing a ball for Phog, to catch in the back yard, to taking a long walk on a sunny day.  There is fun in everything if you look for it and I think Phog has found it by the wiggle of her tail as we strut down the street together for a morning walk. She likes me and I like her.  I needed to feel that this summer.
  It will be difficult in August to giver her back to my daughter when she returns from her internship.  Phog belongs to my daughter and Phog loves to face time her by use of my IPhone.  They miss each other and in August I will tell Phog good-bye and hand her back.  She is a dog of the 21st century as she looks for my daughter in my IPhone, beside the IPhone and behind the IPhone during face time.  Phog looks at me during face time as if to ask, "How did my Aley get in that phone and how will we ever get her out?"  I will miss Phog but there is a reason for everything and I will not forget this summer and the lessons I have learned from Phog the wiener dog.  

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  1. Well, Phog will be looking for YOU in the iphone come Fall - what a fun summer you have had with her.